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Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody. ~Kid President~


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Plagiarism...a quick note on what it is and how to avoid it!
8 Parts of Speech
               Quizlet Parts of Speech Review

               Another Quizlet

       Prepositions-relates (on, over, near, below)
       Nouns-names (boy, hat, kindness, Mr. White)
       Pronouns-replaces a noun (I, me, they, all, these)...Practice these on Study Island!
       Verbs-states action or being (jump, has, will walk, is)
       Adjectives-describe nouns or pronouns (blue, heavy, ornery)
       Adverbs-describe verbs, adjectives or adverbs (yesterday, there, quickly)
       Conjunctions-connect (and, but, or, yet)
       Interjections-express strong feeling (Well!, No!, Stop!)

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